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PSP is a dynamically growing commercial and technical company, which was founded in order to meet the increasing and specialized needs in the areas of design, implementation, maintenance and repair of large modern electrical installations, power systems (wind, solar, hydroelectric, etc.).

Our object is design, construction and maintenance of electrical installations, automation systems and high-voltage substations, ensuring the proper, safe and uninterrupted operation. Moreover, PSP is the most reliable technical - financial advisor for investors in the field of energy,   defending the interests of your investment.

Our strong expertise and exceptional excellence along the years, the technical competence and expertise of our staff in conjunction with the modern equipment and the measuring devices that we possess, are our comparative advantage and guarantee of high- level services that we offer.

Power Systems Protection within a short time, thanks to its reliability, managed to evolve and consolidate at the field of power, gaining the trust of partners and customers. Today, possesses control, maintenance and operation of an extended number of 150/20 KV substations, wind and photovoltaic parks and cooperates with the most renowned companies in the field of power generation and electrical systems.

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