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1. Supervision during construction

Our experienced staff can undertake the supervision of any kind of construction, such as overhead / underground networks, substations of 150/20 KV, major industries etc.


2. Supervision and operation

Power Systems protection can undertake the 24/7 surveillance of substations, wind and photovoltaic parks, and other installations, using digital systems with PCs, regularly checking the facilities with qualified staff and troubleshooting 24 hours per day.


3. Design

We offer extended design activities, such as:

- 150/20 KV substations

- 150KV & 20KV overhead networks

- Routing of underground networks

- Protection systems for networks, power generators, substations and electrical installations in generally.

- Fault analysis in order to correct and redesign protection schemas.

- Voltage regulation of transformers, and configuration of voltage regulators.

- Correction of power factor (cosf).

- Automation systems, remote control systems and remote indication systems.

- Lighting protection for medium voltage equipment.


4. Construction – Installations

On construction field, PSP can undertake installations of:

- Photovoltaic stations.

- Lighting protection of medium voltage networks.

- Installation & redesign of protection schemes for 150/20KV substations.

- Control systems and data acquisition (SCADA) for 150/20KV substations, electrical installations and photovoltaic stations.


5. Maintenance – Measurements

  PSP, based on the experience and expertise of its staff, and on the cutting-edge equipment, can undertake:

- Maintenance of 150/20 KV substations.

- Maintenance of circuit breakers of high and medium voltage. SF6 monitoring, conductance check, etc.

- Maintenance, control and measuring of voltage and current transformers of 150KV and 20KV as well.

- Maintenance and control of power transformers of 150KV and 20KV.

- Maintenance and control of lightning rods of 150KV and 20KV.

- Maintenance and control of any kind of circuit breaker.

- Measurement of resistance on voltage frequency of cables, breakers, power transformers and other components of medium voltage (polarity, magnetization curve etc.)

- Maintenance, control and measurements of all of the protection relays for transformers, breakers and networks.

- Maintenance of overhead networks.

- Infrared thermographies on any kind of electrical networks, transformers, breakers, photovoltaic stations etc.

- Maintenance and control of battery packs.

- Maintenance of battery chargers, UPS and inverters.

- Maintenance and control of photovoltaic stations.

- Maintenance and control of any type of electric panels on big industries and installations.


6. Consulting Services

PSP is the most reliable consultant, offering reliable solutions and consulting services for current and prospective investors, in order to save money and reduce loss.  

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